Economist: Hello dear Brilliant Citizen. What happened to you? You don’t look good?

Brilliant Citizen: How can I look good in this country. Are you not here with me?

Economist: What is happening?

Brilliant Citizen: So many things are happening, there is heat everywhere. No electricity, fuel scarcity, food prices are sky rocketing, massive insecurity…

Economist: My brilliant citizen, I know a lot is going on.

Brilliant Citizen: What can one do about it? My “japa” plans have slowed down as I am still trying to raise the money and the visa rules are changing fast in some countries.

Economist: In tough times, we need to stay strong and not complicate things by over thinking. Let us focus on what you can control.

Brilliant Citizen: I cannot control anything! Everything seems out of control in this country!

Economist: Let us start with inflation — food prices skyrocketing. Are you able to buy food items in bulk, rather than in small quantities? This will help save some money and escape increasing inflation.

Brilliant Citizen: I can try that but how many things can one buy? It seems this inflation will continue to rise.

Economist: You can get for 6 months to 1 year, especially non-perishable items. Also, if you can pay for some costs ahead so you can get some discounts. For example, some schools give a discount for annual payment of school fees, instead of termly.

Brilliant Citizen: You are right, but I don’t have children yet. Thank God! That will apply to you and others…. What of the fuel scarcity mixed with epileptic electricity?

Economist: For the fuel scarcity, you can’t control that. It is much better in Lagos now, hopefully will get better in other States shortly. For the electricity, I know it has gotten worse. Some of us are switching to inverters as even the price of diesel for generators is too high.

Brilliant Citizen: Which way now? Inverter is quite an investment for most Nigerians. Where do we start from, the inverter or the batteries? You even still need power to charge it. May God help us, I need to leave this country.

Economist: I know you desire to “japa” but are there skills you can learn here and provide to international companies? Remote working is increasing especially in the tech space.

Brilliant Citizen: I was considering learning some technology skills like programming, product management, data analytics… I think I will go back to it.

Economist: That is great. It is a good investment. I need to go now.

Brilliant Citizen: That was a fast one, no economic data today (in sarcasm).

Economist: You know the data already. Besides, the heat is too much. Let’s get to work! The rain is coming soon.

Brilliant Citizen: Which rain? In this heat, I don’t see a sign of rain.

Economist: Prepare for the rain. It is coming. There needs to be planting and sowing if you are to harvest anything.

Brilliant Citizen: Even though I don’t understand the rain you are talking about, I think I like the sound of it. Let me go and check for the technology skills I can learn, that is part of planting. See you next time!

Special thanks to Wale Olusi & Abraham Afariogun for their contribution to this article.



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